LEDZero HiCure

Delivering an extremely high dose of UV the new air cooled LEDZero HiCure System provides a cost effective solution for single pass curing applications. The cleverly designed advanced optics also ensure that the LEDZero HiCure delivers consistent light output whether mounted across or lengthways to the materials being cured.

The result of 2 years of in-house R&D, at the heart of the LEDZero HiCure is a new UV rich array utilising a special LED die emitting across a wider spectrum than previously, which allows a for greater choice of chemistry.

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LEDZero HiCure represents the very latest step forward in solid state UV curing and the advanced air cooling ensures a long service life (anticipated in excess of 20,000 hours). The LEDZero HiCure also features Integration Technology’s unique field service capability enabling array modules to be easily swapped out, further extending the potential service life.

For advanced curing applications the HiCure offers optional addressability throughout the array, meaning that the UV output or cure area can be adjusted discretely to suit the image or materials to be cured.

Like all Integration Technology LED products, the high speed switching of the LEDZero HiCure array affords instant on / off switching in sequence with the application process, thereby eliminating the risk of stray UV light and unnecessary standby power consumption.

LEDZero HiCure is available as small as 35mm, yet like all Integration Technology UV LED products is scalable (by multiples of 35mm) up to a seamless 2,800mm to suit specific applications, which is a unique proposition in today’s marketplace.

Designed in-house by experts at Integration Technology R&D Centre in the UK, the compact LEDZero Hi-cure delivers a flexible, efficient and value driven solution to curing with UV LED’s.

LEDZero HiCure, HiCure N, HiCure Plus & HiCure N Plus Standard Features

  • 0.4W/cm intensity
  • 2W/cm² intensity (HiCure & HiCure N)
    4W/cm² intensity (HiCure Plus & HiCure N Plus)
  • Output wavelength 380nm – 410nm (all models)
  • Cable up to 15m (all models)
  • Scalable up to 2,800mm (all models)
  • Replaceable LED modules
  • Easy clean / replaceable front glass
  • One year Warranty
  • Integration Technology global support

LEDZero HiCure Range Compliances (proposed)

  • CE/UL 60950 ISO CE CB EN60950-1
  • CE EN 60204
  • EMC EN 55015
  • EMC EN 61000
  • IEC 62471

Power Supply

LEDZero HiCure: 100 – 250V 50 / 60Hz
LEDZero HiCure Plus: 100 – 250V 50 / 60Hz
LEDZero HiCure N: 100 – 250V 50 / 60Hz
LEDZero HiCure N Plus: 100 – 250V 50 / 60Hz

LEDZero HiCure Downloads

Product Type/Filesize
LEDZero Hi-cure Range 2.3 MB

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